"I have had the pleasure of working with Van Goodman for the past 28 years. His professional approach to the job has made him one of the best employees as MS Farm Bureau. He is a problem solver and handles some of the most complex issues with patience and resolve. He has never been one to allow intimidation to enter the fold and his calm demeanor helps put complicated matters to rest. One of the best employees I have ever managed. He has dealt with the public for over 25 years and will-rehearsed for the position he seeks."

- Michael A. Boone, District Claims Manager for Mississippi Farm Bureau

"I have known Van Goodman for many years. As an attorney, I have had a close working relationship with him for at least the past 20 years.


Van is an honest, hard-working person who should make an excellent Justice Court Judge. Due to his work as an insurance adjuster,

he has the background to properly deal with a lot of the issues he will see as a Justice Court Judge.


I recommend him whole-heartedly and without reservation to serve in the capacity he seeks."

- Sam. S. Thomas, Thomas Law, P.C.

"I am writing this letter of recommendation for Van Goodman for the position of Justice Court Judge. 


I have known Van for more than 25 years. Van is a friend and co-worker whom I trust and respect.


In my opinion, Van would make a fine Justice Court Judge and he has a good sense of humor, is self-disciplined, and can carry on a conversation with anyone he meets. 


He is a dedicated Christian, family man who enjoys spending time with his children, friends and neighbors.


Van has a very good legal mind and listens  to both sides of the situation and gathers all the facts before coming to a conclusion.


The decisions I have been involved in with Van are fair, just, and unbiased. 


I would not hesitate to appear before Van as I know that he would give every party a fair shake and make any ruling based on the facts.


It is for his truthfulness, ability to listen and hear what people are saying as well as make a decision based on the facts at hand that I believe Van would make an outstanding Justice Court Judge"

- Jim S. Rowles, Vice President Claims, Mississippi Farm Bureau

"I have worked with Van Goodman for 30 years. He has an excellent work ethic. He makes good, common sense decisions. He has always conducted himself in a professional manner. He is conscientious in his dealings with the public. He has impeccable character. He is detail oriented and he takes pride in his work. He is respected by his peers."

- Shelby Melvin, Associate Claims Manager for Mississippi Farm Bureau