Background and Qualifications

Family:                      Van M. Goodman, married to Dr. Barbara B. Goodman, two children: Grace, a junior at MSU and Adie,

                                    a freshman at Co Lin CC.


Faith:                          Baptist - Member of First Baptist Church, Meridian

Residence:                 Meridian, Whynot Community for 21 years


Party Affiliation:     Republican


Office Sought:           JUSTICE COURT JUDGE; DISTRICT 4


Education:                 Cleveland High School, Cleveland MS
                                    Attended Delta State University, 2 years
                                    Bachelor’s Degree from Arkansas State University
                                    Master’s Degree from Arkansas State University


Work Experience:   High School on family farm, in Cleveland and Shelby MS area
                                    2 years during College, Simmons-Belk Inc., Cleveland MS
                                    3 years during College, Simmons-Belk, Inc., Jonesboro AR
                                    1986 to Present: Farm Bureau Insurance, Claims Department
                                    (working on the 34th year)


Public Offices held: None, as I have never run for public office.



Why am I running now?


In my current employment I have had to file a fair number of law suits through the Justice Court system. I find it to be an interesting process and a job that I am certain I am capable of handling. I am certain I would enjoy it immensely. I told Judge Gerald Wayne Thompson several election cycles earlier, that once he decided he was going to retire, I wanted to run for his office. The time is now!


Why am I a good candidate?


The office of Justice Court Judge requires an individual who is able to listen to both parties involved and do so without prejudice to either. The Justice Court Judge must be unbiased in all aspects, other than what the law prescribes as it applies to the case. The Justice Court Judge must ensure that the Rule of Law is applied, regardless.


My real world work experience, for the past 33 plus years, has been tailor made training for the office of Justice Court Judge.
After listening to the parties involved in disputed claims matters, I then turn to the applicable law, be it statue or case
law to make a decision on the denial of a claim for damages, or the acceptance of liability. My track record of proper decisions is evident by the lack of lawsuits that have been filed concerning liability decisions I have made over the years. Hearing what people say, applying that to the actual facts, with respect to the applicable law, has been imperative in my current work as an insurance claims adjustor and will serve me well as a Justice Court Judge for Lauderdale county.



Contact: email:
Phone: 601-938-7866